October 10, 2010

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Museum Aéroscopia! A very important step

To date, the Urban Community of Greater Toulouse was the prime contractor for this project.
On September 30th, the Urban Community of Greater Toulouse, voted the transfer of the "Project Owner" to the city of Blagnac.
This Thursday, October 7 at 18:00 a meeting of the City Council of Blagnac has taken place. Among the agenda an item concerned the issue of the future aeronautic museum: Aéroscopia.

Bernard Keller, Mayor of Blagnac, has done a presentation with visuals and provided confirmation of the closure of the funding estimates, up to 12 million euros for the first part.

After a calm debate on the subject, the vote of the 35 members of the City Council gives:
2 Councillors did not vote.
33 Councillors voted for.

The project will finally become a reality, with starting construction early next year and a Museum opening to the public in late 2013, early 2014.

Source : French Association "Cap Avenir Concorde" - October 8th 2010

Figure 13

13 million Euros to finance Aéroscopia. Financing for the future aeronautic museum is almost completed. The funds come from the Greater Toulouse (3.750 million euros), Airbus (3.5 million), the regional council (1.875 million), the General Board (1.875 million, not yet discussed), the ERDF (Europe, 1.5 million) and Aérothèque (100 000 €).

"To go faster, we transferred the prime contractor for the project to the city Blagnac which will host Aéroscopia Museum" said Alain Fillola, vice president of the Grand Toulouse Metropolitan.

Source : French Newspaper "La Dépêche du Midi" - September 10th 2010

Aeroscopia takes flight

European Capital of aviation, cradle of La Caravelle, Concorde and Airbus, Toulouse had to have an aviation museum. After years of waiting, the project led by Grand Toulouse, Airbus and associations "Terre d'Envol", "Flight Heritage" et "Ailes Anciennes" is about to come true.

"Financing the Aéroscopia project is 80% completed" said Jacques Rocca, director of Airbus Heritage, a department that the manufacturer has created for heritage conservation. "Once the council has voted to grant, it will remain € 400 000 to find. We have trails that link to sponsorship. "Thirty years ago already, the City of wings were designed by some enthusiasts who paved the way for Aéroscopia. They are now confident. "I hope that the first stone will be laid by the end of the year," said Andre Rocaché, president of Aérothèque. "We got a plot near the plant in Blagnac Lagardère and things are progressing well. Yesterday, in presenting the festival "Stars and Wings", Bernard Keller, Blagnac mayor and president of the Economic Commission of Greater Toulouse, announced that the Aéroscopia project would be submitted to the "vote for the next Community Council on September 30th prior approval by the City Council of Blagnac on October 7th, the city being assigned the delegation of project management. Planned to enter service in late 2013, early 2014, Aéroscopia will be built at the site of Pinot near Aeroconstellation.

Source : French Newspaper "La Dépêche du Midi" - September 10th 2010

August 29, 2009

Aéroscopia project takes off

The project for the Aéroscopia aeronautics museum, destined to be set up in Blagnac next to the A380 assembly site has passed a significant milestone. The €12.5 million needed for construction have been brought together.

Grand Toulouse will contribute €1.87 million, Airbus €3 million, the Regional Council €2.38 million, the Department Council €1.87 million, with €1 million from Europe.

The museum, to be designed by the Toulouse architectural firm of Cardète & Huet, will feature a 5 500 m2 exhibition hall and display some thirty airplanes. Inauguration is planned for 2011.

February 2, 2009

On 2nd March 2009 : 40th anniversary of the first Concorde flight

The 40th anniversary of the first Concorde flight have been celebrated recently in Toulouse through an exhibition jointly organized by various french aircraft associations.

The exhibition was held from 6th February to 4th April 2009 to Blagnac Odyssud on "Concorde, the audacity! An adventure, a myth, a perspective."

On Sunday 1st March 2009, the association "Cap Avenir Concorde" organized in the premises of the Terminal Business Blagnac-I, a series of conferences on five different topics, moderated by french journalists: Yves Marc, Thierry Sentous and Pierre Sparaco.

1 - 09:30 to 11:15: Development and Tests - attendees were Dudley Collard, Gilbert Correge, Jacques Raulet, Jean Rech, and also André Turcat, Michel Rétif, Jean Pinet, Yves Pingret, Peter Holding.

2 - 11:30 to 12:30: Air France Maintenance - attendees were Hervé Page (Director of the Concorde Maintenance Division at Air France), Jean Michel Rougier (27 years service at the Concorde maintenance), Dominique Taillet, Alexandra Jolivet, Jean Claude Moroy.

3 - 13h45 to 15h30: Concorde Operational - for Air France, attendees were Henri-Gilles Fournier, Daniel Casari and Eric Tonnot (crew of the last flight, 27/06/2003), Pierre Grange, Jacky Ramon and for British Airways, attendees were Roger Miller, David McDonald and Peter Philips.

4 - 15:45 to 17:00: Concorde, a service of excellence - for Air France, attendees were hostesses, Pierrette Cathala, Martine Camuzeaux, Nicole Méneveux, Marylène Vanier and the steward Claude Monpoint.

5 - 17:30 to 18:30 in the auditorium of Odyssud: The aircraft of the future - with Airbus France representatives.

More information on the websites of the organizing associations:

Cap Avenir Concorde

January 14, 2009

Event on the Concorde Fox Charly in Toulouse

The book "Concorde the Magnificent" who has just been published by "Privat" Editions is richly illustrated and written by the journalist Yves MARC who worked in the regional newspaper "La Dépêche du Midi", in charge of aeronautical related subjects.

He has therefore been able to experience the entire career of this great "white bird" which has amazed many fans from its first flight in 1969 until his last in 2003... One of the concorde aircrafts operated by Air France is meticulously maintained by Airbus in Toulouse, since June 2003, pending the future aeronautic discovery park Aéroscopia scheduled to be launched in Blagnac after 2010.

The concorde named "Fox Charlie" (F-BVFC) was through the efforts of Airbus and "Privat" Editions, accessible to visitors on 13th November 2008 in a Airbus hangar, near the Business Aviation Terminal in Blagnac.

Hereunder are some pictures of this magnificent airplane:

Concorde Auction in Toulouse from September 28th 2007 till October 1st 2007

The event, organized by the association Aérothèque, will help support an ambitious cultural project: the launch of Aéroscopia, aeronautic discovery park, will open in 2010 in Blagnac. Each piece purchased is a gift for the establishment of the museum.
Concorde, the only supersonic civil transport aircraft, remains the symbol of excellence: technological innovations, superb design, and dreams of travel define it.

The sale of some 1 000 spare parts of the supersonic (835 lots) was "orchestrated" by the Commissioner/auctioneer Marc Labarbe in Toulouse, the "Halle aux Grains", in a magical place hosting for the event a 6 meters Concorde model, 25 multilingual receptionists to answer calls and lots of projection on a giant screen ...

Many collectors, enthusiasts, but also lovers of original decoration and design - french and from abroad - have participated in this exceptional event.

Prizes included a large quantity of on-board instrumentation, elements of the commercial development of pieces of structure design, as well as photographs and models dedicated by the crew of the first flight. Some parts are due to become genuine objects of contemporary arts because of the elegance of their design.

The sale was a great success and brought more than 800 000 euros, or about four times more than expected, it was learned from the organizers.
In a first step, the figure had been estimated at between 900,000 and one million euros, told AFP the Head of Communication of this auction.

The center piece of the sale was a lot of 6 elevons (located at the rear of the Concorde wing), won for 37,000 euros by a telephone bidder, indicated the organizers.
The most attractive pieces were the machmeter (instrument measuring the supersonic speed, the Attitude Director Indicator (ADI) and the landing gear before being priced between 2,000 and 3,000 euros, and weighing 1.2 tons, has found buyers for 26,000 euros.

The famous air flow regulator valve, illustrated on the catalogue cover, starting price at 300 euros, was finally sold 16,000 euros.
A left wing of the Concorde was awarded 37,000 euros and a rear toilet has found buyers for 5,200 euros.
Photographs of the supersonic, unique prints in black and white and signed by the crew of the first Concorde flight on March 2nd 1969 in Toulouse, have seen their prices soar in a few minutes, up to 14,000 euros for the most quoted according to organizers.

Hereunder are few pictures taken during this event(*)...

(*) A big thank you to Simon for sharing some of his pictures.

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